Medicare Supplement e-Apps: Put Your Car in Park and Paper Apps in their Place

When it comes to gas stations, an insurance agent frequents them often. It is just part of your life, buy gas, go to your appointments and buy more gas. Plus, when you factor in the price of the vehicle you drive and the maintenance of that ride, the Government says that every mile you drive costs you 55.5 cents. So to coin a new phrase, for every 55.5 cents saved is 55.5 cents earned.

Use the calculator below to find out approximately how much money you could be saving by using Medicare Supplement e-Apps. Then, Learn More about Switching to Medicare Supplement e-Apps.

Average Round-Trip Distance to Appointment
(in whole miles)

Appointments per Year


POTENTIAL SAVINGS* by using e-Apps:

Learn More about Switching to Medicare Supplement e-Apps

*Potential Savings based on U.S. Federal guidelines of $0.555 / mile.